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What You Need to Know About Patios This Summer

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Patios are normally the highlight of the summer in Wilmington, so it’s important to add a patio door that fits your specific needs. Patios offer a break from the busy to-do’s and summer schedules, offering a great place to relax with the family, entertain guests or simply get some rays.

There are a variety of patio doors that provide different benefits for your unique patio needs, and we can occasionally overlook how crucial the door is to a patio’s functionality. Our experts at Pella Windows and Doors know the tips and tricks to help you identify the proper patio door when you understand your current one just isn’t doing your patio justice.

If you’re considering a replacement door for your patio this summer, here are some of the things to consider when going with a new model:

  1. Energy efficiency—Just as we say with our windows, doors play a large role in the overall energy efficiency of a house. Different patio door materials have different energy efficient bonuses. For example, vinyl doors are known for simple maintenance while wood doors have more design flexibility with resilient interior and exterior products. Some terms that you should watch for if energy efficiency is important in your replacement patio door decision are: Low-E, ENERGY STAR rated and inert gas-filled insulated glass.
  2. Fitting in with your outdoor living space—Each patio is distinctive; some are raised above your backyard, others are four-season porches, and everything else you can think of. Determining the use of your patio will help you determine if you have enough space for a swinging hinged door or if you would like a sliding patio door. If you also have a backyard that you are proud of or have one with a view, a patio door with an unobstructed view, or even a larger bi-parting door, could be the right choice.
  3. Design and model—At our Wilmington showroom, we offer a large variety of patio door options such as our Architect Series® with wood doors, Designer Series® with snap-in window technology or our Pella® 450 Series with a number of sizes, features and options. All are energy efficient and reasonably priced to fit your budget.
  4. With all of these things to consider, don’t get too worried—our Wilmington experts are always available to help you choose the right door for your patio. Give us a call at 910-218-9596 or request an appointment with us online.